Malvern Vale Hotel

The Malvern Vale Hotel is a popular restaurant located in Malvern that provides you with an excellent dining atmosphere along with an extensive selection of iced beer, champagne, wines and delicious pub meals in Melbourne.


TNT crew went to the close-by Malvern Vale Hotel. It is your fairly typical pokie/bistro/pub similar to what you would find in a big country town but not in a warm charming way. Rowan had the fish and chips which weren’t great. Fi had a couple of starters tempura prawns and flathead bites with avocado dip. As it was $20 steak night V and Jin had the Scotch fillet steak both really enjoying them and Trent had the parma. All meals were very big and apart from Rowan’s very nice. Unfortunately there was a mix up with the order and a long wait for meals including large differences in arrival time.

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